Pirates Gold

Slot machine test: pirates Gold

Da pirates received hardly a normal paycheck, the living just in some other way must be earned. You can you be sure that gold is not far, when pirates in the game. At least the classic Pirates of the Caribbean, the also in the slot machine of pirates Gold have a big scene. Already when you first start the slot game from Net Entertainment, is the grinning captain against look, so you should waste no more time and you on the rollers. Sure enough, there are reasons, for example, in the form of cannons, rubies and treasure chests that can be discovered himself as symbols on the reels. And even a bonus game is possible, if the pirate coin made its appearance. By design you know to quickly pirates Gold, that the game is not necessarily comes from the latest generation, but everything is in its place, so that even without real pirate feel everything can be made clear to the boarding.

A slot casino is the place you need to visit, if you want to play pirates Gold. That may be worth, what is not alone in the bonus game. To play, you go, for example, in the CasinoEuro and uses real money as a registered player. Another option is that you can play pirates Gold free. As a demo version that is suitable very well, because it is functionally no difference to the real money version.

Play Pirates Gold online now!

Pirates Gold online game

You need no eyepatch and certainly not a wooden leg, to take advantage of pirates Gold in the Casino. But if you play with both eyes open, always with an eye for your usage, which you can change at any time. The meaning behind it is simple, because high usage entail high profits, if you're lucky the reels. Since profits come through multiplication, a high amount on this way can achieve its purpose. But you can't forget it, that the stakes will be deducted from your deposit account initially only.

A total of 9 paylines pull left-right across the five reels of the pirates Gold slot machine. Also the winning lines are counted from left to right, where the pirate coin makes an exception and one from any place. You can just like your usage at any time the payline adjusting, for you each individually pay a regular service.

Slot game symbols in the pirates Gold online slot

The symbols there is a course or else that should not be missing in a good pirate story. This includes also the skull and crossbones flag, with which you can make attention directly to. It even two piece enough to make a first series of profit. This also applies to the treasure chest, although both in long rows to higher profits. Sabre and Parrot are de rigueur. The Ruby ring directly indicates what you can be happy, if the cracker uses its cannon. That there is indeed in the bonus game, which is triggered by three pirate coins.

Slot machine pirates Gold guide

If you have a parrot that can deliver a few practical tips you your shoulder out, then it doesn't hurt certainly. Is not a requirement for the pirates Gold slot game but so that you can go also on boarding trip. Adjusted, you should bet lines and bet at least once on the one hand with the mechanism familiar to you make, as well as to be able to find the optimum setting. In the bonus game you hit an enemy ship the gun.

Conclusion to the pirates Gold test

Where pirates are, since gold is usually not far away. Therefore it's quite alright, if you bring in pirates Gold to rotate the rollers. The symbols are all contributing to the mood-specific, and the bonus game is a nice change of pace with extra gains.

Rubies Cannon Caribbean Skull and crossbones